PROVENCE – COTE D’AZUR « LE VAR »… la vraie nature du Sud !


Located at the crossroads of the great Mediterranean routes, neighbor to the French Riviera, southside of the Provence, Le Var region is awaiting you.

We are probably familiar with Le Var region’s summer season, braised by the whole word: including Saint-Tropez. Its beaches and umbrella pines along its shores… But maybe you are unaware of the four season Var with temperate weather, men and women bullding its history and its architecture, a region set in bloomngnature made of vineyards, hills, rivers and lakes.

In the gentle winter season, the natural areas of Le Var, linked with picturesque villages, invite you to share the atmosphere and rural flavors, including their wine, picturesque estates, handicraft, countryside itinerary, cultural and sports activities, gastronomy, and last but not least a shoreline again becoming exclusive for travellers from around the world.

Le Var Winter Season invites you to this taste of leisure life.
Hubert Falco, President of the « Conseil Général du Var », le Var area authority, and Regional Tourist Office Committee which I am President of, are looking forward to welcoming you.

Parution en 1996 – Editorial par Jean-Michel Couve
Député Maire de Saint-Tropez, Président du Comité Départemental du Tourisme du Var
Président de la Commission Tourisme du Conseil Général du Var

Comité Départemental du Tourisme –

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